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We’re a passionate, hardworking team ready to make your event a success.

Eleven11 Timing offers you something different: all aspects of event management, promoting, and timing in one place. We look at your event in a well-rounded way because we understand all the pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together for success. Our superpower? It’s making your event be the one people are buzzing about and want to come back to next year. 


Juli Renquin, Founder

Most people run from high stress, fast paced jobs – I thrive in them. I began working in the cycling community as a USAC official 14 years ago. I was able to travel around the country and had a front seat to watch my son race. Pretty soon, I got the event bug. I sought out high level officials to become my mentors and eventually I earned a position at the #1 cyclocross event in the country working to manage and promote the event. Now that my kids are grown and off on their own life adventures, I’m thrilled to focus my attention on the industry I love so much. All of my years of event experience including timing, managing, promoting, and even racing a few times myself, gives me a unique 360 degree perspective that is invaluable to my clients.

Juli Renquin, founder of Eleven11 Timing

What was the inspiration for the business name Eleven11 Timing?

When you see the numbers 11:11, it means you’re on the right path. The universe is saying to you, ‘You’re going the right way, at the right time’. Although we offer do than just timing, it was the right ‘time’ to offer our services to the world. And what about the bee? Well, they’re the hardest workers around and they never give up.

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